Beth & Bruce

BETH PEDERSON and BRUCE BISHOP have spent a lifetime exploring different sides of the same musical equation. Beth’s background as a singer/songwriter with the Wild Roses contemporary folk duo, coupled with Bruce’s deep-rooted blues and jazz history with live performance and studio recording, has resulted in a winning combination. 

Their exceptional talents as singers, songwriters and musicians bring a new twist to old standards and moving interpretations of life stories. These two unassuming musical giants will delight audiences everywhere.

More than just being passive listeners, audiences feel a deep connection with the pair’s sincere outpouring of human experience, heartfelt story-telling, and humor. With decades of combined experience in writing, producing and performing music, Beth and Bruce are truly world-class artists that entertain as well as inspire.

BRUCE BISHOP believes in the power of music. He distills the nature of a song’s message and offers it to the audience in a highly concentrated form. A deep-rooted history in live performance and the recording studio have polished his performance skills, beautifully balanced by his modest and unassuming nature.After 40 years in the L.A. scene, he relocated to live on the family tree farm in northern Idaho where he continues a full schedule of performing, recording, and teaching. 

Bruce authored the guitar text, “Fret Board Harmony,” that he used while teaching guitar improvisation at Pitzer College in southern California. As a writer his songs received worldwide radio play. 
Playing from the heart – and to the heart – is the first commandment in the weaving of Bruce Bishop’s musical tapestry.For the past few years Beth Pederson and Bruce Bishop have been performing throughout northern Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. They appear often in Di Luna’s concert series as well as performing house concerts around Sandpoint, the Seattle area, and the San Juan Islands. They are available for listening room venues, house concerts, theaters and festivals.

Beth & Bruce Live

Howl at the Moon
Old Cowhand
In a Town This Size
Ticket to Chicago
Sentimental Journey
I’m So Lonesome